Programs & Services

We provide volunteers to help seniors remain independent and to enhance the quality of their lives.

Programs & Services

Friendly Visitor Program

The Friendly Visitor Program provides companionship, entertainment, and recreation by a volunteer. They may also assist participants with light housekeeping tasks and meal preparation.

Telephone Reassurance Program

Elaine on PhoneThe Telephone Reassurance Program matches volunteers (some of whom may be homebound themselves) with homebound participants. The calls provide an opportunity for social engagement; as well as status updates. The volunteer checks in via telephone daily, weekly, or monthly (as scheduled); providing medication reminders and wellness checks.

Escort Transportation Services Program

Through our Escort Transportation services, our volunteers transport participants to the doctor, grocery shopping, the pharmacy, and help our kupuna stay engaged and independent. Volunteer drivers receive mileage reimbursement at $.55/mile.

In-home Respite Program

The In-home Respite Program allows a family caregiver who is providing round the clock care the opportunity for relief. This unique flexibility gives the family caregiver the opportunity to continue participant-centered care while taking advantage of critically needed time away from the stressors of caregiving.

Falls Prevention Volunteer Program

lls assessment with Anita and StudentsStay on Your Feet, our new Falls Prevention Volunteer Program deploys volunteers to communities to assist residents in identifying environmental factors that contribute to falls. The Falls Prevention volunteers outreach to the community to educate the public about the devastating impact a fall will have in quality of life for older adults.

In Hawaii, every five hours a senior falls and is hospitalized. In addition, statistics show that 40% of those over the age of 60 who are injured in a fall requiring hospitalization never return home; of those 40%, 25% will die within 1 year of falling. Through education and the development of a self-evaluation tool for fall risk, Nā Hoaloha hopes to raise awareness, provide assistance, and reduce the number of falls.

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3 weeks ago

Na Hoaloha

You're invited! Invite your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, clients, clubs or visitors to join in a fun day while helping us raise awareness and funds for Na Hoaloha. You do not have to walk - Your contributions are important to maintaining the supporting programs for helping kupuna age in place.
Make your check to Charity Walk and send in by Tuesday May 7th.

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1 month ago

Na Hoaloha

Hats Off to Volunteers!

Kathy Collins is shown here wearing a WWI helmet belonging to Marilyn Heichemer's (R) father, David T. Lewis, Sr. He was in the 42nd Infantry Division, known as the "Rainbow Regiment", of the 117th Engineer Regiment. The indentation in the top of the helmet was from a strike in the trenches during French warfare.
Every hat tells a story - some more intriguing than others, but all are interesting.

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4 months ago

Na Hoaloha

🌸 ‘The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes’ 🌸 - Frank Lloyd Wright ...

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